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Dear Sharon,

We at Campers Haven Ltd. have enjoyed a long and prosperous relationship with the Silver-top Mfg., Co., Inc. I cannot say enough about all the products we have purchased from Silver-top. They are all, without exception, first class.

As an example, on August 19, 1991, our RV Park suffered a direct hit by Hurricane Bob. We suffered a lot of damage and lost over 130 trees. Several units were damaged by water and fallen trees. However, our office, which is only some 300' from the ocean and has two Silver-top awning and screen room enclosures (1 Horizon Plus and 1 Horizon Manor) withstood winds of over 110 MPH, blowing beach sand and ocean water against them for the duration of the storm. The only damage incurred was the plastic or vinyl on the room windows were pitted from the sand blasting they received from the storm. Both enclosures not only withstood the fury of the storm, but also protected the contents within them.

Our many orders with Silver-top in this slumping economy is an example of ours and our customers faith in a product as great as yours. I cannot say enough about what great products Silver-top produces.


P.D. P.

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Silver-top Manufacturing is one of the leading producers of aluminum awnings and patio rooms for the home, RVs and businesses. All of our products will be custom manufactured to fit the exact specifications for your project. Our knowledgeable staff is committed to long term customer satisfaction so that you will be guaranteed to receive the highest quality of service, products, workmanship, and materials. We manufacture RV slide outs, RV and porch awnings, sunrooms, enclosed patios, carports, entryway covers, and screen rooms and more.