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Forty years and counting. Still looks great! That's Silver-top!

Stories From our Customers

Over the years we've provided tens of thousands of products to customers all over country and we know from our mail that almost all of them are still in service. It's not unusual for someone to have one of our products for 10, 20, or 30 years. See below for their comments.

P.D. P., President, Campers Haven Ltd.

Dear Sharon,

We at Campers Haven Ltd. have enjoyed a long and prosperous relationship with the Silver-top Mfg., Co., Inc. I cannot say enough about all the products we have purchased from Silver-top. They are all, without exception, first class.

As an example, on August 19, 1991, our RV Park suffered a direct hit by Hurricane Bob. We suffered a lot of damage and lost over 130 trees. Several units were damaged by water and fallen trees. However, our office, which is only some 300' from the ocean and has two Silver-top awning and screen room enclosures (1 Horizon Plus and 1 Horizon Manor) withstood winds of over 110 MPH, blowing beach sand and ocean water against them for the duration of the storm. The only damage incurred was the plastic or vinyl on the room windows were pitted from the sand blasting they received from the storm. Both enclosures not only withstood the fury of the storm, but also protected the contents within them.

Our many orders with Silver-top in this slumping economy is an example of ours and our customers faith in a product as great as yours. I cannot say enough about what great products Silver-top produces.


P.D. P.


Dear Sirs:

I purchased your Silver-top RV Two-Way Aluminum Awning recently. It is a 22 foot unit and I am writing to tell you that my wife and I are very pleased with the workmanship and ease of installation; as well as the beauty of the unit. We, along with a friend, set up the awning - completely, in 3 1/2 hours.

The awning is white in color and we can't believe how cool it is under the awning on hot days compared to the old vinyl awning.

We are permanently setup at a private campground - Dream Lake Campground in Warsaw, NY. We are the envy of the campground because of the Silver-top Awning.

I want to thank your manufacturing staff for the easy to read and understand instructions and the way that everything fit so perfectly. It was a pleasure putting this awning together.

Once again, I congratulate your entire staff for the idea of the Silver-top Awning and it's beauty. We have gotten a lot of compliments from our neighbors at the campground.



Mrs. C. S., Roanoke, VA

Dear Silver-top:

We love our new Silver-top Cameo Room. The installation was completed within three days, which pleased me to no end. The room is relatively low-maintenance and the tempered glass windows are a great safety feature, especially with our children. Our deck was practically useless during the hot summer months. Now we have full utilization, and the Cameo Room keeps the bugs and heat out, and the cool breeze in. The natural light is terrific for our indoor plants. Thank you for a beautiful room that was very affordable.


Mrs. C. S.
Roanoke, VA

Mrs. B. K., Herndon, VA

Dear Silver-top:

We thank our lucky stars that we bought a Silver-top Cameo Room. No high-pressure sales pitch, no pushy salesman, just a professional presentation after we expressed what we were looking for in a sunroom addition on our deck. Now we are able to enjoy cool indoor parties on hot summer days. The panoramic views of the fall autumn beauty are breathtaking. We take advantage of our new Cameo Room everyday. Thank you Silver-top!


Mrs. B. K.
Herndon, VA

Mrs. T. S., Frederick MD

Dear Silver-top:

I just wanted to let you know that we enjoy our new Silver-top Cameo Room. It is so spacious with open views. The easy-glide windows with tempered glass are so easy to use, we just love them. Thank you for making a great room.


Mrs. T. S.
Frederick, MD

Mrs. M.R. Waldorf, MD

Dear Silver-top:

Thank you for our three season Cameo Room. It was an economical way of adding quality living space, so moderately priced. We love sharing our special Cameo Room with friends and family. The tempered glass in all the windows have given us extra peace of mind against any accidental breakage. Thank you again for a great maintenace-free room.


Mrs. M.R.
Waldorf, MD

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