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The Silver-top Snap-Lock Awning is an attractive, yet economical choice for homeowners who require an insulated product. It will quickly transform your patio into a comfortable, protected outdoor living space. Contemporary trim colors, decorative columns and railings are among the many options available to help coordinate a new Snap-Lock Awning with your home's existing color and style. At the time of installation, or in the future, the area under your Snap-Lock Awning can be enclosed to create a screen room or a Silver-top three-season room.

This three, four or six inch thick awning features an interlock design which allows easy and fast installation. White painted aluminum covers the exterior and also the underside of the roof panel. The Snap Lock Awning includes vinyl gutter and downspouts, but can be substituted with an optional heavy extruded gutter with house-type downspouts. Fan beams are also optional.

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 SnapLockWithCameoRoom Manor Room 4 MH

Snap Lock with gable

Snap Lock J L Awning

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