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Bridged Braced Awning with Room Enclosure

The Bridge-Braced Awning is by far the strongest awning of its kind. While it has been in the marketplace for over fifty years, it continues to be one of the bestselling awnings in the industry. The combination of a sturdy understructure and curved design has made the Bridge-Braced Awning a modern classic.

At any time, a Bridge Braced Awning can be extended in length. Or, it can be converted into a new casual entertaining area with a Silver-top screen or three season patio enclosure. An optional ceiling kit is available to finish the interior.

Roof panels are either polar white or cream. Choose from a line of Silver-top trim colors and valance styles. Matching canopies are available to protect additional windows and doors, and create a finished look. Optional heavy-duty posts, decorative grill or fluted columns and aluminum or vinyl railings are also available.

As you can see, our bridge braced roof components can handle more weight than you'll ever need to worry about.

Bridge Braced Door and Window Awning

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