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Our golf club has a great restaurant and beautiful patio, but the members rarely use it. We looked at many products and finally chose the Silver-top Snap Lock Roof system. The final product is beautiful, tough, and has opened our patio to our members and greatly increased the revenue of the restaurant.
K.L. McCormick

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Just in case you want to have a party on our roofs you can! Please don't try this at home!

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This awning was photographed in 1969 in Alaska.

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Our units are easy to install by our dealer/distributors or yourself if you are good with tools.

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Silver-top Manufacturing is one of the leading producers of aluminum awnings and patio rooms for the home, RVs and businesses. All of our products will be custom manufactured to fit the exact specifications for your project. Our knowledgeable staff is committed to long term customer satisfaction so that you will be guaranteed to receive the highest quality of service, products, workmanship, and materials. We manufacture RV slide outs, RV and porch awnings, sunrooms, enclosed patios, carports, entryway covers, and screen rooms and more.